Cleanflight Ground Control Station

The Cleanflight Ground Control Station (aka Configurator) is a powerful configuration tool for the Cleanflight flight controllers.Have you ever asked yourself: How do I make this software work with my flight controller? The Configurator has many powerful features. Many of these are specific to the setup and configuration of the flight controller while others manage the controllers flight characteristics. This session will discuss the intricacies of the software and which areas are most important for a stable and performant flight. There are many variables and all of these details will be broken down, making the software more manageable.

tech debt, defects and user stories

This presentation will dig into the ideas of why teams create different types of cards on the card wall and why they should not. We will explore the idea around making all cards on the wall, regardless of type, as equal citizens on the card wall and discussed accordingly. The ideas of making everything a user story and being happy about it will be explored. With a goal of convincing developers and business people alike… the concept of card equality… and the business benefits afforded by this technique.