Vincenty Formulae

groovy implementation of Vincenty’s formulae are two related iterative methods used in geodesy to calculate the distance between two points on the surface of a spheroid, developed by Thaddeus Vincenty (1975a).

They are based on the assumption that the figure of the Earth is an oblate spheroid, and hence are more accurate than methods such as great-circle distance which assume a spherical Earth. The first (direct) method computes the location of a point which is a given distance and azimuth (direction) from another point. The second (inverse) method computes the geographical distance and azimuth between two given points. They have been widely used in geodesy because they are accurate to within 0.5 mm (0.020″) on the Earth ellipsoid.

  1. Fork the repository : Groovy Vincenty.
  2. Clone the repo you just forked and rename it.
  3. Use the new repository to start testing your code against the api.

Murmuration : The Coordination of an Agile Team

In order to achieve extraordinary coordination, starlings flock in formations called murmurations. These formations behave mathematically similar to metals becoming magnetized and snow crystals before an avalanche. These are examples of systems where collective phenomena emerge from the short-range interactions of individual participants. Studies show that change in direction (orientation) of individual participants affect group behavior more than velocity. This sort of relationship is known as a scale-free correlation. In this presentation, I will discuss how the concepts associated with murmuration, along with engineering and teams practices can be applied to software teams, in order to reach a state of criticality.

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